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Rethinking Solar BIPV

Date : 13-03-2019

Time : 6:30 pm

TOPIC: Rethinking Solar BIPV - A Solar Pandora's Box

SYNOPSIS: Rethinking Solar is a journey of education and rediscovery. There are many urban myths surrounding the wizardry of extracting electricity from sunlight; the thought of taking this smoke and mirrors technology and integrating it into a building envelope is therefore for many nothing more than green washing. Our short journey through the evolution of solar technology, what came before, where we are today and what the future holds will help the audience redefine what they thought of renewables technology in the built environment. Our talk examines the misconceptions surrounding a decade-old legacy of what simply doesn't work and examines how technology available today will shape the future of what we build.

SPEAKER: Neil Doe, CEO Qi-Energy

SPONSORS: Bauporte Doors and Entrance Systems