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Business Ethics An Ongoing Dilemma or Discussion

Date : 10-03-2016

Time : 6:30 pm

Jon Lever FRICS discusses the interesting subject of business ethics. He is a Chartered Surveyor and has been extensively involved in RICS Education and Standards for the last 15 years.

Jon will touch on ethical principles, ethical codes, ethical dilemmas and give an overview of a typical set of ethical standards from a global institution and how we may apply them to our own personal and business lives.  Jon will also be sharing first hand experience of ethical dilemmas and how he overcame the situation and the lessons he learned.

Jon's presentation style is best explained as enthusiastic, humorous and with a subject as potentially 'dry' as this it has been said he managed to make it interesting, easy to follow, with a scattering of interesting anecdotes as well as professional and thought provoking.  Why not come along and judge for yourself.... whilst picking up a good hours worth of CPD, of course...