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Architectural developments turning visions into people dreams

Date : 08-10-2014

Time : 6:30 pm

When real estate buyers and especially the end-user buyers are looking on what’s in the market, they usually do not imagine the buildings. Rather, they imagine what their ideal space is. They count into what’s most appealing to them – developers may call it their ideals but end-users buyers call it their dreams. Architects, on the other hand, turn this individual’s dreams into reality and what artists do is turn the vision of architects back to the people’s imaginings. This is where design artists take importance on – to help visualize the dream of living in a property, to assist real estate developers in boosting their brand and enhancing the perception of their developments in the client’s perspective.

This is why for a few years, architectural projects are presented in a more visually-entertaining manner to entice more clients to relate to it on a higher level. Architectural renders have become the developer’s essential weapon to envision their client’s dreams, making it a reality. But, how many of you have done it the way that it inspires the target market? Digital artists, on the other side of the coin, take renders differently. They treat them with artistry and creativity.

Digital designers drive through passion, inspiration and dreams. They employ strategic digital innovations that yield out photorealistic quality of renderings and animations of stunning 3D artistic stills. You have the thoughts and ideas and skillful artists are ready to provide you a breathtaking visualization of these concepts, making renders startlingly real and accurate. Their role in the developer’s industry is to dynamically create an appealing virtual reality that will immerse your projects into emerging images. 

Pixelhunters breathe life into architectural designs that are bound to sell, share and inspire. 

At Al Moltaka event, Pixelhunters will showcase the journey to create an artistic still – an overview of the creative process of one of their award winning renders, called Malaysia Dream, published by 3D World Magazine UK; in the Digital Mayhem 3D Landscape Technique (UK) by Duncan Evans - launch Editor of 3D Artist Magazine (Digital Mayhem features a variety of beautiful art from some of the finest digital artists working today); featured in V-Ray best works gallery, receiver of CG badge of CG Society, featured in Creative Bloq selection of inspiring examples of 3D art and others.